First Saturday of Every Month!!!
Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

Our Monthly Horse & Tack Sale is

Our Monthly Horse & Tack Sale is held on the
FIRST SATURDAY of every month!  

Unless otherwise noted, tack begins selling at 10:00 am and horses begin
selling at 3:00 pm SHARP!

Call ahead and RESERVE YOUR HIP NUMBERS!          336-904-8903

CONSIGNORS!  Contact us today and see why Carolina Horse Company is THE
East Coast location to sell your good horses!  Our large covered and indoor
arenas give you ample room to show off your broke ones, rain or shine! This
facility is equipped with trails throughout 87 acres complete with a pond that is
easily viewable from the barn area. Show our buyers why your horse is the one
they want to take home! Don't be limited by a tiny sale ring!   Enjoy many of the
perks other sales charge a hefty fee for FREE OF CHARGE!  Send us photos,
videos, and a writeup ahead of time and we'll get your horse seen!  ALL of our
sales are webcast live and offer both internet & telephone bidding!
Take advantage of our online catalog and our heavily promoted Facebook page!
Reach the buyers that are searching for YOUR HORSE!
Fees & Requirements
Horses are sold at 8% commission ($25 flat fee for $300 and under)
Consignment Fee - $20/horse
No Sale Fee $25
Yardage $6/horse/day
A negative Coggins test dated within 1 year is REQUIRED. If you do not have a current
Coggins, one can be drawn here on sale day for $35.
Baling twine is NOT acceptable.
Used Tack sold at 15% commission. $10 No Sale on saddles, trailers, wagons

Consignors are paid the day of the sale!

Come out and shop a HUGE selection of quality horses all under one roof! Don't
gamble at a sale with a tiny auction ring. See why this sale is the ONLY way to go!
Barns open at noon on Friday for previews. Stop by, visit with the consignors, and
watch the horses work in our arenas and on our trails and natural obstacles.  Whether
you are looking for a trail horse or a show horse, gaited breed or stock breed, mini,
pony, donkey, or mule - you'll find it here!

Can't make it in person?  You can join us online and bid from the comfort of your couch!
Carolina Horse Company is pleased to offer our Buyers both online and telephone
bidding!  Online bidding is done via our live auction site. The feed goes live at 5pm
when horses start. Be sure to register as an online bidder BEFORE the sale starts so
you don't miss out!  Our online catalog is updated continuously through 2:30pm on
sale day and can be found here:
 Carolina Horse Company Online Catalog

New to online bidding and not sure how this all works?  Watch our brief video tutorial
and see how simple it really is!
Buyer Obligations, Guarantees, and Suggestions
Carolina Horse Company is proud to offer our Bidders a 72 hour
SOUNDNESS GUARANTEE on horses sold for $1000 or more!

Horses sold in our auction as SOUND and for $1000 or more are guaranteed for 72 hours!
This soundness guarantee means no crib, no weave, no lameness, no parrot mouth or
monkey mouth (overbite or underbite), sound of wind, and sight with no impairment in both
eyes. If you purchase a horse sold sound for $1000 or more and find any of the above
issues, please contact us within 72 hours. ***Please note that failure of a flexion test alone
without otherwise visible lameness and/or x-rays is NOT sufficient to declare a horse
unsound. Conformation flaws such as toeing in or out are also not an unsoundness***

WHAT IS NOT COVERED!  We do allow horses to be sold outside the ring here at
Carolina Horse Company, however, if a horse is purchased anywhere other than in the
ring, there is NO GUARANTEE of any kind! In other words, if you want the guarantee, you
need to be the high bidder in the ring! If you buy a horse before, during, or after the sale
anywhere but IN THE SALE RING, you own it for better or worse. We cannot guarantee
outside sales as we have no idea what was said between the parties involved.

Horses sold for less than $1000 are sold "as is" with no guarantees from Carolina Horse
Company. Likewise, regardless of selling price, if a seller declares the horse "as is" or
"selling right there in the dust" there is no guarantee.

Finally, be a smart consumer!  We expect our consignors to represent their horses
honestly. We also expect our buyers to exercise good judgement. Get back in those barns
and SPEAK with the consignors BEFORE the sale! Examine the horses you are interested
in and watch them work. Ask questions!  Listen to announcements in the sale ring as each
horse comes in so that there are no surprises!   

Finally, when you bring your new horse home, do remember that a horse sale is full of
horses that have traveled great distances and then congregated in a relatively small area
(just like a horse show). When you send your kids off to school, they frequently come
home with a variety of viruses. It is much the same with horses. It is ALWAYS a good idea
to quarantine ANY new horse from ANY SOURCE for 21 days. This is a recommendation
that our veterinarian makes to all who purchase horses whether privately or from a sale
and a recommendation that we make to all of our buyers.

****IMPORTANT CHANGES going into effect with the September 2nd Sale-A-Bration sale!   
NEW TIMES & NEW POLICIES!  Be sure to read them over!   Consignments will start
posting online today!  We are expecting another big run!  


*************3% Buyer's Premium waived when paying in cash only***************

******* Out of state buyers MUST pay by cash, credit card, or guaranteed funds ONLY.
Personal checks from out of state are NOT accepted without a bank letter of credit - NO
*******In state buyers who are new and wish to pay by check must provide a bank letter of
credit to issue personal checks over $500********* Registration papers on registered horses
will NOT be issued night of sale when paying by check and will be mailed to buyer once
funds have cleared*****

Questions?  Contact Bridget at 336-904-8903

Telephone bidders MUST be registered before 1pm on Sale Day.
Please call Bridget at 336-904-8903 to register for phone bidding.
A credit card is required to place a telephone or internet bid.
Contact Information!


Sale Manager:  Tommy Grantham  843-639-0509
Facility Managers:  Bridget Lavigne  336-904-8903   or   Troy Kain 315-261-8539

To reserve hip numbers Bridget with the number of hip numbers that you will

To send information (writeup, photos, videos) on a horse you would like to
consign, please email using the above link, text to Bridget at 336-904-8903, or
message us on Facebook under Carolina Horse Company.

Sale Veterinarian:  
Carolina Equine Hospital  
Sale Farrier:  Tyler Kain, TJK Horseshoeing  336-937-3683
1100 Washburn Rd, Madison, NC 27025        Bridget   336-904-8903        Troy  315-261-8539